2022Year-end thanksgiving sale

Hello everyone~
It's Macchan Gyoza.

It's painfully cold
How are you all feeling?
Kotatsu de mandarin, not
Would you like to eat Macchan dumplings in kotatsu?
Blow away the cold with garlic power

By the way, this time to everyone who reads the blog
2022Last of the yearIn-store purchase limited super dealsThe ban will be lifted

Why I'm dumplings
Shimbashicho main store, Miyakoda store

Owari-ya, Gochin Fresh Fish Store

4It will be carried out in the store

Please visit a store near you

9Limited to days
1222 May(tree)~December 30(gold)

* Gochin Fresh Fish Store is closed on the 22nd
23It will be on sale from the day. ※

Eligible products

50 pieces of Macchan dumplings

50 dumplings with little garlic

40 pieces of black pork dumplings

And this time, with gratitude to all of you
For those who have purchased

10 pieces of Macchan dumplings as a gift!
We will give you each bag!

We look forward to your visit

Payment methods vary depending on the store
It is different, so please contact us directly

* Wearing a mask to prevent corona,
Thank you for your cooperation in alcohol disinfection. ※

The taste of Macchan dumplings will not change next year
All of our employees will do their best to deliver it to everyone.