2022GW Life Support Sale held!


Thank you very much for your patronage of Macchan dumplings from day to day. This year's Golden Week will be the first time in several years that the Hamamatsu Festival will be held in Hamamatsu. However, in addition to the new coronavirus, due to the world situation in recent years, etc., it has become a tough era for households due to the price increase of various things, and it has become impossible to let go of the festive celebration mode. So, I thought that I could support the household budget even a little, April 28()~May 7(earth)10 days of GW period of 《 2022 GW life support sale 》 Macchan Dumpling Shimbashi Main Store・ Macchan Dumplings(Xiao Za Ya)Tsuda store, Obariya in Fukuda, Iwata City, only for customers who have visited the above 3 stores, [Macchan dumplings 50 pieces] [Garlic small dumplings 50 pieces] [Enshu black pork dumplings 40 pieces] We are selling 3 products at a bargain special price. In addition, only this time, we have also made it possible to use a Macchan dumpling 200 yen ticket, so please use Macchan dumplings by all means on this occasion. In addition, as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus, ◎ Visit the store after wearing a mask ◎ Disinfect your hands with alcohol when entering the store ◎ Visit with the minimum number of people ◎ Thorough social distancing(Line up at a distance so as not to be dense) etc. Thank you for observing the rules and visiting the store. Please note that if you can not protect it, we may refuse entry to the store. All the store owners and employees are looking forward to welcoming many customers. Macchan Dumpling Shop Owner LanguageThis page was automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.