2022Hamamatsu Shimbashi relocation 5th anniversary large sale holding!


Thank you very much for always using Makchan dumplings Thanks to you, Macchan Dumplings will also celebrate the 17th anniversary of its founding and the 5th anniversary of the relocation to Shimbashi this year. The annual [Annual Anniversary Thanksgiving Sale] will be held again on March 3 this year(tree)~March 7(moon)It was decided to hold it for 5 days only. In addition, this year is the 5th anniversary of the milestone, so we will sell it at a special price for the 5th anniversary even cheaper than usual! It will be a super special price sale limited to customers who visit one of the two stores of Hamamatsu Shimbashi Main Store and Hamamatsu Tsunoda Store, so please come by all means at this opportunity. Thanks to you, many customers visited our store every year, and some products were sold out in the second half of the event, so we are very sorry for the inconvenience. We have prepared enough stock this year as well, but please understand in advance that it may be sold out by any chance. In addition, this year as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus, ◎ Visit the store after wearing a mask ◎ Disinfect your hands with alcohol when entering the store ◎ Visit with the minimum number of people ◎ Thorough social distancing(Line up at a distance so as not to be dense) etc. Thank you for observing the rules and visiting the store. Please note that if you can not protect it, we may refuse entry to the store. All the store owners and employees are looking forward to welcoming many customers this year. Macchan Dumpling Shop Owner LanguageThis page was automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.