Hamamatsu Shimbashi relocation 4th anniversary large special sale held! and ask customers who come to the store


Thank you very much for using Macchan dumplings from day to day. Thanks to you, the Macchan Dumpling Hamamatsu Shimbashi Main Store will also celebrate its 4th anniversary of relocation this year. However, due to the recent spread of new coronavirus infection, we have postponed the annual [Anniversary Special Price Sale], but there were many opinions and inquiries from customers that we would like it to be held. As a result of repeated meetings with all employees, we have taken sufficient measures to prevent infection so that customers can visit our stores with peace of mind, April 8, 2011(tree)From April 12(moon)It was decided to hold it for 5 days until now. We would like to ask customers when they visit the store ◎ Come to the store wearing a mask ◎ Disinfect your hands with alcohol when entering the store ◎ Minimum number of people come to the store ◎ Thorough social distancing(line up at a distance from a person) Thank you for observing the rules such as etc. and visiting the store. In addition, please understand in advance that we may refuse the visit of customers who can not protect it. In addition, since it became "mandatory to display the total amount including tax" from April 1 this year, the price of all products includes tax, and in order to reduce the delivery of small change, the fraction in units of 1 yen has been adjusted to display the new price. Regarding the charging plastic bags, we have changed to "biomass plastic shopping bags" and have been serviced for each purchase of dumplings.(free)We have done so, so please understand it again. Macchan Dumpling Shop Owner LanguageThis page was automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.