Hamamatsu Shimbashi relocation 4th anniversary large special sale held! and ask customers who come to the store

Thank you very much for using Micchan Dumplings from day to day.

Thanks to you, The Manchan Gyoza Hamamatsu Shin-Hashimoto store is also this year4th Anniversary of RelocationIt was to greet.

However, due to the recent spread of covid-19, we have been holding an annual event, we have agreed to hold [Anniversary Special Price Sale], but we have had many opinions and inquiries from customers that they would like us to hold it by all means.
As a result of the many meetings with all employees, we have taken sufficient measures to prevent various infections so that customers can come to the store with peace of mind,4May 8(tree)From April 12(moon)Up to 5 daysIt will be held.

I asked the customer at the time of the visit,

◎Visit after wearing a mask

◎Alcohol disinfection of fingers at the time of entering the store

◎Visit with a minimum number of people

◎Thorough social distance(line up at a distance from a person)

Thank you for following the rules such as.
Please note that we may refuse to visit our customers who cannot be tinged.

From April 1, 2019《Mandatory display of total tax included》Therefore, after all products were made a tax-included price, it is a new price display by adjusting the number of yen units to reduce the delivery of coins.

Regarding fee-paying plastic bags,Changed to Biomass Plastic BagWe provide service for each purchase of gyoza(free)Because I will do, approve it repeatedly.

Manchan Gyoza Shop Owner