Holiday! Hamamatsu Shin-Hashimoto Store Relocation 3rd Anniversary Sale

Thank you very much for using Machan dumplings from day to day.

Thanks to you, Mchan Kyoko Hamamatsu Shin hashimoto store has March 1st,
Relocation of Hamamatsu Shinbashi Town3AnniversaryI was allowed to welcome

This year, we would like to express our gratitude to our customers.
March 5(tree)- March 8(sun)Limited to 4 daysで、
3rd Anniversary Great Appreciation Commemorative Super Special Salewill be held.

Visit one of the two stores, Hamamatsu Shin-Hashimoto store or Hamamatsu Toda store.
Only for our customers
Ultra-special price saleSo it will be
We are looking forward to seeing all of you from the bottom of our hearts.

In the previous fiscal year, customers who visited the store more than expected, and who visited us in the second half of the anniversary festival,
I am very sorry that it became a sale by the quantity limit.
We have enough stock this year.I was allowed to limit the quantity suddenly,
There are times when it's sold out.
Please understand in advance.

In addition, as a corona virus countermeasure, we will install an alcohol disinfectant in the vicinity of the entrance,
I'm sorry to contact you, but I hope you will enter the store after disinfecting your fingers.