Price list

Price list

* Is the price of people via the Internet.

Even less road also pork and garlic. I want them all!
I want to give him this dumpling! To your family, friends, distant, delicious gifts.
Recommend to the dumpling party because the number! Good harvest of the gift.



Full Pack with:Sauce with

About the shop
* We use the package in your eyes can see, so transparent.
1 to 4 bags shipped at 970 yen(Free combination)Additional charges for remote islands
* Usually dumplings 7000 yen.(5Bag more)From free shipping

This is from the net sales price over the phone or FAX.
Try Beach higasi-miyakoda direct sales shop in Shinbashi hamamatsucho factory direct sales further can be purchased in the bargain. Please take a look at!

I'll send it to you by cool flight. Inside, we send the bank transfer address of our financial institution and the payment form of the post office.
Please send money within one week of arrival.

super(For business use)In the to the wish to
Supermarket owners nationwide who

Why today's dumplings
Shizuoka and Hamamatsu-Toyohashi-is being sold in almost all the Super range of Okazaki.
[0/2018 the expanding national shipping business]

-In the shop does not sell Hamamatsu dumplings?
-Hamamatsu was I buying dumplings, why don't you sell?
And will be delivered directly from our

Contact us for business, for sale, food material wholesalers who would really appreciate a quote will be sent.
To stay in restaurants (izakaya, ramen, etc.)
The owner of the country dining Manager like

Now in our country dining room, restaurant, ramen, etc in our dumplings utilizes our.
Also beginning this year, in shops across the country in the name of "Hamamatsu dumplings' menu can be as we suggest.
Our information more orders of the dumplings are put with"hamamatsucho"!

"Hamamatsu dumplings" does not store your menu?



Q1 Why I'm dumplings? where can I buy?
Shizuoka and Hamamatsu City-can be purchased at the frozen food supermarket to Okazaki city please feel free to.
In addition, headquarters direct and Kita-ku, Hamamatsu-Cho in the was I dumplings miyakoda shop you can purchase.
Across the country, but since we started also shipped across the country families cannot come directly to outlet was easily I serving dumplings.

Q2 Run a ramen shop in Hiroshima. Hamamatsu dumplings you want to put in the menu, but you can purchase?
Now in our country dining room, restaurant, ramen, etc in our dumplings utilizes our.
Beginning this year, in shops across the country in the name of "Hamamatsu dumplings' menu can be as recommended.
Our information more orders of the dumplings are put with"hamamatsucho".

Q3 Stocked supermarket in Sendai is dumped next to Utsunomiya gyoza, Hamamatsu dumplings is is possible?
I think it is a good idea. Consumers welcome you in Hamamatsu dumplings and Utsunomiya gyoza selling hope, welcome to Utsunomiya gyoza, I think.
From the point of view of the spread of dumplings are welcome.

Q4 The other dumplings and what is different?
Purchase internally and minced meat, vegetables by the owner himself carefully on the market every morning.
10Years ago introduced metal detectors for your peace of mind, try enjoy eating.
No cabbage in summer in the Koshu region directly to farmers to buy go, comes from the field.
For more information [was it good dumplings] Please!

Q5 What is the difference between the frozen dumplings and frozen gyoza?
Unlike the meaning is similar, but is 1-degree heat treatment chilled dumplings, why I leave frozen gyoza of heating without dumplings, frozen gyoza and call.

Q6 The delicious baked at home?
Website [why I'm delicious bake dumplings] introduces how to bake delicious page! Even water dumplings are delicious!!! please help!

Q7 Why I can send dumplings in the distance?
Yes! Products such as gift sets.
For more information please refer to price lists!

Q8 But home is far. Frozen gyoza of takeaways that can tell me how long?
Home time is approximately 4-5 hours.
Please inform if it takes long. Refrigerant will be included.