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2019年1月21日 : After all, in the cold winter...
It's cold every day, isn't it?
It is even more delicious to eat around a pot on such a cold day, isn't it?
However, I think that there are some people who think that it is unexpectedly difficult to align the ingredients of the pot.
そこでMachan's Soup Dumpling PotIt is transcendental recommendation.
It's easy to make.Your favorite vegetables in hot pot soups that are commercially available at supermarkets, etc.(Chinese cabbage, chicken, etc.)Just put the Tomato-chan dumplings directly and cook them over medium heat.If you put a few drops of sesame oil in the finish, it will be Chinese style.
The ingredients of the soup can be made into consomme soup with consomme or oden.
Tips for finishing wellIt is super recommended because the soup can be done well without turbidity when the 100-chan dumplings are boiled beforehand, put them in a pot, and lightly cooked.

In addition, this year also in the Machan dumplings storeAnniversary Event Specialwe are going to do so in the near future.
Please look forward to it because I will announce it in the blog when the details such as the date and time are decided.
2018March 1, 2008 : Hamamatsu new Hashimoto shop store anniversary
Today3月1日(Tree)More 3/4.(sun)まで浜松新橋本店店舗移転1周年記念イベント開催いたしております
ご来店していただいたお客様のみのイベントとなりますが、通常ではお求め出来ないくらいの超特別価格で販売いたしておりますので、ご家族 ご近所 お友達 皆様お誘いあわせの上是非ご来店くださいませ
So, Hamamatsu miyakoda stores similar event held there please use

2018March 1, 2008 : Home study meeting
HelloWhy I'm dumplingsでもホームページが出来ました
2018February 6, 2008 : Notice of website opening
This WEB site was established.
We will continue to work to enhance the content smaller, thank you very much in the future.

Dumpling recipes now available!

Speaking of Hamamatsu [Hanetsuki Hamamatsu dumplings]!
Was it how to bake delicious Hanetsuki dumplings!
* You like bean sprouts, sesame oil please!
Would more want to feather our turn put water put flour and Good!

* We have a taste of dumplings, baked and also enjoy different taste!
* Soup seasoning to your liking!