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2020March 4, 2010 : Holiday! Hamamatsu Shin-Hashimoto Store Relocation 3rd Anniversary Sale

Thank you very much for using Machan dumplings from day to day.

Thanks to you, Mchan Kyoko Hamamatsu Shin hashimoto store has March 1st,
Relocation of Hamamatsu Shinbashi Town3周年I was allowed to welcome

This year, we would like to express our gratitude to our customers.
March 5()- March 8(Day)Limited to 4 daysで、
3rd Anniversary Great Appreciation Commemorative Super Special Salewill be held.

Visit one of the two stores, Hamamatsu Shin-Hashimoto store or Hamamatsu Toda store.
Only for our customers
Ultra-special price saleSo it will be
We are looking forward to seeing all of you from the bottom of our hearts.

In the previous fiscal year, customers who visited the store more than expected, and who visited us in the second half of the anniversary festival,
I am very sorry that it became a sale by the quantity limit.
We have enough stock this year.I was allowed to limit the quantity suddenly,
There are times when it's sold out.
Please understand in advance.

In addition, as a corona virus countermeasure, we will install an alcohol disinfectant in the vicinity of the entrance,
I'm sorry to contact you, but I hope you will enter the store after disinfecting your fingers.

2019年12月29日 : I'm doing a year-end sale.

2019It's only a few days left in the year.

Thank you very much for using this year's service to many customers.

Right now, in Machan dumplings4 days from December 28 to December 31With a year of gratitude,Hamamatsu Shin-HashimotoToda Direct StoreShibata City Ando-sanMr. Obariya Fukuda, Shibata City, at more than four storesOnly for customers who come to our storeOf our shop's signboard products inThree types of year-end salesWe are going to

You can buy it cheaper than the usual price.HeyYear-end limited special price saleWe are pleased to invite you to visit us on this occasion.

Please note that shin-Hashimoto store's year-end and New Year's opening hours will be open until the morning of December 31 this year, starting on January 6th of the new year.

2019年5月2日 : Holiday! Reiwa & Hamamatsu Festival

HelloThank you very much for using Micchan Dumplings from day to day.

New era[Reiwa]It changes to, and it is a celebratory mood in various places.

This year's GW has been a big 10 consecutive holidays, and Hamamatsu is becoming more lively than usual.

Here's The Head Office of Micchan Gyoza,Hamamatsu Festival kite-flying venue is 2.5 miles away.
If you stretch your back, you'll see a lot of big kites in the southern sky.I'll do it

Machan Gyoza Head OfficeGW is also open as usual.So, when you come to Hamamatsu Festival, we are looking forward to seeing all of our employees.

2019February 25, 2010 : Thanks to you, hamamatsu shimbashi relocation 2nd anniversary
Thank you very much for your patronage of Micchan Gyoza from day to day.

Thanks to you, Micchan Kyoko moved to Hamamatsu Shin-Hashimoto store on March 1st.2nd AnniversaryIt was to greet the

I would like to express my gratitude to our customers this year.Thursday, February 28 - Sunday, March 3For four days only,2nd Anniversary Event Super Special Salewill be held.

Ultra-special price sale only for customers who visit our storeIt will be, because it will be a super special sale that can not be purchased normally, after everyone's invitation, please come by all means

In addition, we are holding a super special sale in the same way at Hamamatsu Toda store, so please use that as well.

We have prepared a sufficient number so that it will not be sold out, but please understand that there is a case where it is sold out by any means.

2019In January 21. : After all, in the cold winter...
It's cold every day, isn't it?
It is even more delicious to eat around a pot on such a cold day, isn't it?
However, I think that there are some people who think that it is unexpectedly difficult to align the ingredients of the pot.
そこでMachan's Soup Dumpling PotIt is transcendental recommendation.
It's easy to make.Your favorite vegetables in hot pot soups that are commercially available at supermarkets, etc.(Chinese cabbage, chicken, etc.)Just put the Tomato-chan dumplings directly and cook them over medium heat.If you put a few drops of sesame oil in the finish, it will be Chinese style.
The ingredients of the soup can be made into consomme soup with consomme or oden.
Tips for finishing wellIt is super recommended because the soup can be done well without turbidity when the 100-chan dumplings are boiled beforehand, put them in a pot, and lightly cooked.

In addition, this year also in the Machan dumplings storeAnniversary Event Specialwe are going to do so in the near future.
Please look forward to it because I will announce it in the blog when the details such as the date and time are decided.

Dumpling recipes now available!

Speaking of Hamamatsu [Hanetsuki Hamamatsu dumplings]!
Was it how to bake delicious Hanetsuki dumplings!
* You like bean sprouts, sesame oil please!
Would more want to feather our turn put water put flour and Good!

* We have a taste of dumplings, baked and also enjoy different taste!
* Soup seasoning to your liking!